29 May 2014

First shoot recap

Well it’s all happening, girls! 

We have just wrapped up our first day on location and are absolutely thrilled with how things are turning out. It was all smooth sailing here in the studio, and how could it not be with a team like ours! Big shout out to everyone in the studio here at Wikkah and of course many thanks to our lovely model Elloise Riddington. Bouncing on and off set like a little ray of sunshine, you were an utter pleasure to work with and we look forward to seeing you on set again in a few weeks.

With our launch date rapidly approaching things are getting pretty heated here in the office, and I think we’ll all be holding our breath over the next week or so until we go live on the 5th of June.
We got through more than expected today and are well on track for opening, so things are looking about as good as a hat looks on Elloise (which is pretty damn great!)

Can’t wait for the next shoot! 


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